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About the Library

The Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno is a regional public library, founded by the Central Bohemian Regional Authority

Our library collection is universal and made up of books, magazines, newspapers, maps, audio recordings and other documents mostly from Czechia and occasionally also foreign-language documents from abroad. Currently, the library collection containes more than 720,000 items. We receive legal deposits of non-periodical publications published within the Central Bohemian Regional area and legal deposits of magazines and newspapers from the whole country. These publications are permanently held as the so-called archival collection. 

We offer access to home as well as foreign electronic information resources and we create our own databases with bibliographic and factual information regarding the Central Bohemian Region. In cooperation with other libraries in the region, we provide the so-called regional library services, that is, book loans and professional advice to smaller libraries in the region.

The visitors of our library may use the reading room of magazines and books, work with the Internet, search for books and CDs in the reference collections or use the electronic catalogue. Any citizen over 12 years may become a registered patron of the library. Users from further locations may use the interlibrary service, which means to borrow documents via other libraries. For public audience, we organise educational events, lectures, and exhibitions in the Minor Gallery. We regularly introduce pupils and students to our services and other topics related to information education.