Gen. Klapálka 1641
272 01 Kladno
Czech Republic

opening hours
monday 09:00 - 18:00
tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
wednesday closed
thursday 09:00 - 19:00
friday 09:00 - 18:00
saturday 09:00 - 12:00

tel: 312 813 111

literature loan department
tel: 312 813 123

reference centre & reading room
tel: 312 813 122 (113)

music department
tel: 312 813 131

Guide to The central bohemian research library in Kladno

Main building

Kladno, ul. Gen. Klapálka 1641 – location on map

Hlavní budova The Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno has since 1954 been based in the former District Authority building erected 1909-1910 to a design by architects Josef Mařík and Karel Šidlík. It is now a listed heritage site.

Ground floor of the main building


Entrance hall and cloakroom – before entering the services area on the first floor, library visitors are to leave their outer garments and bags in the cloakroom.

Barrier-free access is available through the rear entrance, across the courtyard and garden behind the main building.

The hall provides access to:

- the internet centre
- book check-in and check-out – issue of library cards, payment of charges, setting access password to catalogue, return of books, area for movement-impaired users.
- welfare amenities (in the corridor behind the swing doors).

Stores of books and other documents: approx. 200,000 book units are stored on adjustable shelving, which allows for the maximum use of space. Documents are conveyed from the store by elevator to the check-out desk.

PFirst floor of the main building


The common services area is accessed from the corridor opposite the stairs: loan department, open access section, information services and study room.

Entrance hall:

- outside loans (home loans) records desk.
- security gate – deactivation of protective devices is all part of the loan recording procedure.
- copier and printer for reprographic services.
- computers with catalogue access – document search, creation of request forms and reservations.
- Collection of laws.

Loan department (right of the entrance hall):

- check-out from stores – at the check-out desk the user receives books and other documents ordered from the catalogue in the library or on the internet.
- computers with access to the catalogue – document searches, creation of request forms and reservations.
- ready reference collection – contains books from various fields for in-house reference study.

The open access section (in the area behind the loan department) contains approx. 8,500 new fiction and non-fiction items; these books are for outside loan. There is also a children's corner.

Information services and study room service (left of the entrance hall):

- ready reference collection of regional literature and encyclopedias.
- four user PCs – internet access, prepaid online databases, CD-ROMs, library catalogue.

Study room – 30 places for the study of magazines and books from the ready reference collection and the non-lending collection; open access to newspapers and magazines.

Management building

Kladno, ul. Gen. Klapálka 1624

The building is entered from the courtyard. The Manager's Office and Secretariat are on the first floor. A conference room is in the attic.

Courses for the staff of Central Bohemian libraries, for our own staff and for the public are organized in the computer training room on the ground floor.

Music section building

Kladno, Rooseveltova 1550 – location on map

The music section is located on the ground floor of the building. The entrance has a special platform for movement-impaired visitors.


Some of the library holdings (older and less frequently used books and magazines) are located at depositories outside the library.